Ray Fenwick

Ray Fenwick 1

I love the About page Ray Fenwick’s website so much that I will let him introduce himself.

“Ray Fenwick is an illustrator, artist, letterer and letterpress printer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was the author of the award-winning comic Hall of Best Knowledge, now finished its run. He makes all kinds of things, but to be honest, most of them include lettering in some way. His work has appeared in numerous exhibitions, and will soon be seen in Steven Heller’s Old Type/new Type.

What else would you like to know? How about this: Ray is SO smart. He’s like, that SMART guy, you know? He draws really cool pictures and is also very awesome. He feels good about his skills because they are unbeatable, and that brings him a lot of confidence. As a result he is over confident, and if anything could stop him it might be that. He’ll be, like, at the edge of a cliff, and because of his great skills and awesome ideas he’ll have this false sense of security, thinking ‘yeah, as if I COULDN’T fly.’ Later, people will say hey, look at that crumpled mess of bloody flesh below the cliff, I bet it used to have AWESOME skills.

That’s all there is to say.”

Looking through his portfolio, I also discovered a couple of his designs is being sold from Threadless.

More artwork after the jump.

Ray Fenwick 2

Ray Fenwick 3


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