Plastic Makeover

When it was founded in 2003, I actually like the idea of the Scion brand. Every car make out there seems to have a luxury counterpart, but none looked the other way towards the young market making cars that appealed to the eyes and wallets of those who look to be first-time owners.

But their designs soon met the eye of the public and it wasn’t pretty.

The xA and xB were not pretty. So, it has been a couple of years and a redesign is inevitable. So today I present you the new xB and xD!

2008 Scion xB and xD

Verdict? Still ugly.

As for power, the xB is on par with my Mazda3 S. But the xD is a hair dryer. A blender. A–well,  you get the point. It’s weak.

Oh and to you tC owners: you will never be fast, so stop bolting on parts.


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