In the realm of cars, there are just some things that every true petrolhead is knowledgeable about. For instance, weight is critical to a car’s performance. A lesser number on the scale allows a car to accelerate and decelerate at a faster rate. Thus by shaving pounds, you increase your power to weight ratio and lower strain on any part of your car.

A few years ago, a company by the name of Ariel developed a street vehicle that exemplifies this idea. That car has come to be known as the Atom. Now, when you think of a street car you think of practicality to at least power windows, power locks, windshield, doors. The Atom had none of this. Everything was sacrificed to create the lightest vehicle possible.

So having your face chapped by forty miles-an-hour winds, has become a real turnoff for buyers. People have tried attaching their self-fabricated windshields because there was no other choice.

Until now! Well, actually March.


KTM is releasing the X-Bow, which won’t serve much as a Atom-killer, but it’s its closest competition. And it looks bad*ss! Those floating panels make for a pretty cool effect.

As for a windshield, it still doesn’t have one. But in its place is something called a “saute-vent” which I am told means “sudden change in the wind” in French. So it acts by directing air over your head. I guess that’s useful on the track, but on the street you’re going to worry about debris flying your way.

They’re calling it the 1500-pound apex assassin. That sounds pretty aggressive. I want one and orange is fine, it looks great like that.


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