Chuck Anderson


Chuck Anderson is nearing 22 years of age and already has an extensive clientele of big names such as Absolut, Bacardi, Adidas, ESPN, Nike, Microsoft, Sony, Warner Brothers…you get the picture. His promotional work is found practically everywhere and you probably have seen a couple before as you flipped through magazines.

He started freelancing since 2004. He was 18–my age! And in four years, he has already made quite a name for himself. I have such respect for this guy. In four years, I’ll be–well, I suppose I’ll still be in school.

The images I’ve displayed are his prints that he sells on his webpage. His mastery of vibrant colors draws your eye in and keeps you staring as you pan over and observe the images he uses. Fantastic, isn’t it?

More artwork after the jump.


Good Parts of Bad Dreams


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